Cocoa muffins with walnuts

queques de cacau e nozes

queques de cacau e nozes

Ingredients: (12 muffins)

160 gr. fructose (fruit sugar)
150 gr. sweet potatoe
80 gr. walnuts
60 gr. cocoa powder
50 gr. spelt flour
25 gr. rice flour
3 eggs
2 teaspoons bicarb
1/2 teaspoons cinnamon


1. Pre-heat the oven to 180º. With a scissors, prepare 12 squares (15x 15 cm aprox.) of baking paper and let aside with muffin tray.

2. Wash and peel the potato and cut in small cubes. Put them on a pan with boiling water and cook until tender. Drain well and mash with a fork.

3. Beat the eggs with fruit sugar and when there will be air on them, add the sweet potatoe and cinnamon. Continue beating and add flours, bicarb and cocoa. Crush the nuts, taking 12 out for later. Mix gently.

4. Place a square on which case, adjust and add a tablespoon of batter, filling them all around 3/4. Distribute the 12 nuts on each and bake in the oven 15 minutes. Let them cool and serve.

queques de cacau e nozes

These muffins are delicious, the nuts give them a very pleasant taste and the cocoa a pungent and strong flavour, without being over sweet. They are ideal for breakfasts or tea time, with coffee, tea or milk.


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